"Light aircraft carrier, Ryuujou! Ain’t my silhouette distinctive? But, launching carrier planes one-after-another makes me a proper carrier, ya know! You can count on me!"

After reaching level 25, Ryuujou can remodel and receive this new appearance.

Kantai Collection Update 2014-04-09:

  1. Updated Ryuujou Kai art
  2. Added voices for the entire Chitose and Chitose Series, including home port and Marriage (Name Provisional). Updated idle and resupplies lines at their Kai 2 as Light Aircraft Carriers
  3. Added a home port and resupply line for Shimakaze
  4. New BGM: Marine Escort Warfare for 1-5 and Night Battle II
  5. Ending of White Day Cookie Distribution
  6. Certain enemy ships now have recon planes equipped
    • Battleship Ru Flag and Battleship Ta Flag have had a gun removed and replaced with a Recon Plane
    • Battleship Ta Elite and Heavy Cruiser Ri Elite/Elite now have recon planes as well
  7. Fleet organization now has a Clear All option

"Destroyer, Hamakaze. I shall be affiliated with your fleet from now on."

Type: Destroyer

Class: Kagerou Class 29th ship

"Is the mic’s volume okay…? Check, 1, 2… Good. Nice to meet you. I’m Kirishima."

After reaching level 75, Kirishima can remodel again and receive this new appearance

Kantai Collection Update 2014-03-28:

  1. The upper limit on dock size has now been raised to a maximum of 190 ships.
  2. Kirishima has been given a Kai 2 which comes with new Idle and Resupply voiced lines, along with a clock voice and a new Marriage (Name Provisional) line.
  3. Z1 Kai and Z3 Kai have been slightly changed to Z1 Zwei and Z3 Kai respectively. They come with new stock equipment. No new voice lines have been added however.
  4. Addition of 2 new equipment with a focus on anti-air
    1. 2cm Four Twin FlaK
    2. 3.7cm FlaK M42
  5. Addition of Kagerou Class Destroyer, Hamakaze.
  6. As Uzuki means April, the drop rate of Destroyer Uzuki has been raised.
  7. An absolute upper limit on resources has been placed at 300,000. Additionally, there is an upper limit on items, such as instant repair and instant build now at 3,000.
  8. The UI now properly displays how many items you have instead of capping at 99.
  9. Several new furniture has been added along with the relisting of some old items

At the event, AnimeJapan 2014, three Character visuals for the TV anime of Kantai Collection were revealed. They are of Destroyer Fubuki (CV: Uesaka Sumire), Standard Carrier Akagi (CV: Fujita Saki), and Standard Carrier Kaga (CV: Iguchi Yuka).

Official site: http://kancolle-anime.jp/

Source: http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/826/826204/

Abysmal Battleship Re Class

"Guten Tag. I’m the nameship of the Bismarck Class Battleships, Bismarck. You better remember that."

After reaching level 30, Bismarck can upgrade and receive this updated appearance.

"Guten Tag. I’m the nameship of the Bismarck Class Battleships, Bismarck. You better remember that."

Type: Battleship

Class: Bismarck Class 1st ship

"Guten Tag. I’m Destroyer Max Schultz. Max is fine as well. Nicely met."

Type: Destroyer

Class: Type 1934 Destroyer 3rd Ship