Kantai Collection Update 2014-07-04:

  1. Addition of Myoukou Kai 2
  2. Addition of new and old furniture, including new interactive furniture
  3. Battleship Musashi and Anti-torpedo Bulge (Large) are now craftable.

Kantai Collection update 2014-07-18:

  1. Addition of Souryuu Kai 2
  2. Addition and updates of new and old furniture
  3. New lines for Akagi Kagerou, Shiranui, and Kuroshio at Kai
  4. UI Enhancements that have Ship Count and Instant Repair visible

Kantai Collection Update 2014-06-20:

  1. Light Cruiser Sendai receives a Kai 2 along with new resupply, idle, remodeling, and marriage (name provisional) port lines.
  2. Destroyer Ayanami receives a Kai 2 along with new resupply, idle, marriage (name provisional) port, and hourly lines.
  3. Extension of weapons in the album from 100 to 150
  4. New equipment: Star Shell. Currently unbuildable and is the stock equipment of Sendai Kai 2 and Ayanami Kai 2. In night battle, they increase the rate of friendly cut in attacks, while reducing the enemies. They have a chance to fail.
  5. New equipment: Type 98 Recon Seaplane (Night Scout). They increase the rate of achieving critical hits at night. Stock equipment of Sendai Kai 2.
  6. The  Submarine Bow Torpedo Mount (8 tubes) can now only be equipped to Submarines and gives them the opportunity to use a cut in attack
  7. Bismark Zwei stat upgrades
  8. Various other bug fixes

Kantai Collection Update 2014-06-06:

  1. UI Enhancement: Equipment for a Shipgirl can now all be deselected at once.
  2. UI Enhancement: Ships sent on expeditions can now be recalled. It will take some time for them to come back depending on the expedition, and resources will still be consumed.
  3. Aircraft Carrier Hiryuu receives a Kai 2. She does not require a remodeling blueprint. Additional voices have yet to be implemented.
  4. Addition of a new ship, Submarine Tender Taigei. With the use of a remodeling blueprint, she can be remodeled into the Light Aircraft Carrier Ryuuhou.
  5. Addition of new quests, equipment, and an expedition
  6. New BGM in the maps 2-4, 3-4, 4-4, and 5-2: Hiryuu’s Counterattack
  7. Shoukaku has received new resupply, sortie, and marriage lines
  8. The max level of the headquarters has been raised from 115 to 120.
  9. Anti-Torpedo Bulges (Medium) can now be developed
  10. Destroyer Urakaze’s availability has been extended to regular maps and has an increased drop rate
  11. Various bug fixes

Kantai Collection update 2014-05-23:

  1. Addition of Kai 2s for Light Carrier Ryuujou and Heavy Cruiser Haguro
  2. Addition of Extra Operation 2-5
  3. Addition of a new Kagerou Class Destroyer, Urakaze
  4. Suzukaze Kai and Samidare Kai have received new lines
  5. Addition of new quests, BGM, equipment
  6. Type Two Aircraft Reconnaissance Planes can be developed
  7. Various UI Updates

Kantai Collection Update 2014-04-23:

  1. Start of the Spring 2014 Event, “Recon Planes, Launching!” This event has a high focus on achieving high Line of Sight. Seaplanes and Reconnaissance Aircraft are recommended. This event will last until May 6th.
  2. Added functionality for Seaplanes and Reconnaissance Planes. Achieving successful scouting gives extra damage during the first aerial combat phase. Aerial Superiority/Supremacy also allows for cut in attacks during the day phase.
  3. New ships that can be obtained in the event
    1. Destroyer Amatsukaze  as a reward from clearing E3
    2. Destroyer Tanikaze as a drop from the event maps
    3. Repair Ship Akashi as a reward from clearing E-2. Akashi had previously appeared unnamed in the game’s premium item shop
      • Repair Ships can recover the health of ships during sorties
    4. Light Cruiser Sakawa as a reward from clearing E-5
  4. Tone, Chikuma, and Bismarck have received Kai 2s, that can be achieved with a special Blueprint item. To obtain this Blueprint, players need to trade in medals they have obtained from clearing extra operations and event maps.
  5. New BGM tracks for the event
    1. Recon Planes, Launch! (索敵機、発艦始め!)
    2. The Enemy Fleet is Spotted! (敵艦隊、見ゆ!)
  6. Several improvement’s to the game’s UI to improve game speed and prevent crashes

"Light aircraft carrier, Ryuujou! Ain’t my silhouette distinctive? But, launching carrier planes one-after-another makes me a proper carrier, ya know! You can count on me!"

After reaching level 25, Ryuujou can remodel and receive this new appearance.

Kantai Collection Update 2014-04-09:

  1. Updated Ryuujou Kai art
  2. Added voices for the entire Chitose and Chitose Series, including home port and Marriage (Name Provisional). Updated idle and resupplies lines at their Kai 2 as Light Aircraft Carriers
  3. Added a home port and resupply line for Shimakaze
  4. New BGM: Marine Escort Warfare for 1-5 and Night Battle II
  5. Ending of White Day Cookie Distribution
  6. Certain enemy ships now have recon planes equipped
    • Battleship Ru Flag and Battleship Ta Flag have had a gun removed and replaced with a Recon Plane
    • Battleship Ta Elite and Heavy Cruiser Ri Elite/Elite now have recon planes as well
  7. Fleet organization now has a Clear All option

"Destroyer, Hamakaze. I shall be affiliated with your fleet from now on."

Type: Destroyer

Class: Kagerou Class 29th ship

"Is the mic’s volume okay…? Check, 1, 2… Good. Nice to meet you. I’m Kirishima."

After reaching level 75, Kirishima can remodel again and receive this new appearance

Kantai Collection Update 2014-03-28:

  1. The upper limit on dock size has now been raised to a maximum of 190 ships.
  2. Kirishima has been given a Kai 2 which comes with new Idle and Resupply voiced lines, along with a clock voice and a new Marriage (Name Provisional) line.
  3. Z1 Kai and Z3 Kai have been slightly changed to Z1 Zwei and Z3 Kai respectively. They come with new stock equipment. No new voice lines have been added however.
  4. Addition of 2 new equipment with a focus on anti-air
    1. 2cm Four Twin FlaK
    2. 3.7cm FlaK M42
  5. Addition of Kagerou Class Destroyer, Hamakaze.
  6. As Uzuki means April, the drop rate of Destroyer Uzuki has been raised.
  7. An absolute upper limit on resources has been placed at 300,000. Additionally, there is an upper limit on items, such as instant repair and instant build now at 3,000.
  8. The UI now properly displays how many items you have instead of capping at 99.
  9. Several new furniture has been added along with the relisting of some old items